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Executive Search

Executive Search

We specialise in traditional and ‘new age’ search level mandates, securing board and executive-level candidates for the world’s most reputable legal service providers.

Our approach differentiates us within the market as we drive transparency throughout the entire process. We communicate with clients and candidates so that each person is taking the journey together.

Each member of our team has instant access to an expertly networked community within the legal market. We spend time evaluating and building specific relationships with the key players within our industry. By meeting with both clients and candidates we tailor each engagement to support an efficient and clear hiring process. In doing so, we adopt a reciprocal understanding and awareness of company culture which means we know who in our close and wider network will work well within various teams and under a number of different pressures unique to each business.

We pride ourselves on a consultative approach that offers transparency to both our clients and candidates and ensures informed and intelligent decision making.

Our specialty roles in this area are:






• Partner (consulting)

• Global Head of Department  

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